Clean and pure Rastoke, Croatia 

If you have been with me for a while or read my previous posts you will remember the post about super clean water in Croatia. Well, here I come again! 😄 Different place same superb quality water!

As many tourists go to Plitvice lakes, some stop by Rastoke (if their guide knows what’s what 😉 ) and find this lovely place where people live with water and waterfalls!


Imagine living right above the waterfall! LOL! So awesome, at least to me.

While a lot of people are thirsty and other have contaminated water in pipes, it’s beautiful and a blessing to live in a country where you drink right out of facet  and it tasted great, especially in this part of the country.

Have a graet Sunday and I’ll bring more photos of waterfalls up close 😄


11 thoughts on “Clean and pure Rastoke, Croatia 

  1. still advertising beautiful Croatia I see 🙂 – I lived with a Croatian flatmate for a while – we had a lot of fun, she told me all about her favourite place in Croatia ever – Split- sadly we lost touch….as often happens when our studies takes us on in our lives

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  2. You have just photographed where I want to die. This is the most beautiful village I have ever seen. I will be wrinkled and grey in one of those houses. My goodness. I love these pictures.

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    1. Omg thank you soooo much!!! Your comment is the best thing I ever read! I’ll come back to Krka and photo some more, maybe I’ll even borrow a real camera for better pics!! I would really suggest to visit and move if nothing, somewhere near, Croatia is perfect for old people, you will love it even if you are young. 😄


      1. That would be amazing! Looking at this picture, I feel like I’m back in the Middle Ages. So rustic and pure! It looks like such an amazing place!

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      2. It really has that feeling, like time has stopped but for the better. You don’t have any need to look at the time when you are there. 😄


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