Small and cosy – Omiš, Croatia 

I could be all Wikipedia here and talk about the history but you can google it yourself. I don’t wanna be boring or stiff. I’m looking through my eyes 😀

What is fascinating for me is mountains and hills of pure stone with here and there some bushes and trees. The story is that mountain Velebit is naked because Italians took all the trees for making Venice. Venice is built on trees of Velebit. I got to say I’m not too happy about it and part of me is screaming- Get our trees back! How dare you?!

A gorgeous view of mountain over Omiš and river Cetina going to the sea. Beautiful view to people who actually live here. Very colorful and sunny.

Going to the sea, church in the distance. Absolutely beautiful. Completely opposite side than the first picture. A big parking place is on the right which is awesome (and safe) because you can park any car sizes and just walk around the whole city.

From the middle if the city you raise up and climb on the top of the castle to see the whole area not just city. Got to me honest it was +45 Celsius and I just wasn’t in the mood to climb all to the top. Hehe! So before I reached the top I was satisfied with this view deep in the shade.  I’m not collapsing of heat for any photo. 😝

I hope you’re having a great week! Please follow for more 😄

34 thoughts on “Small and cosy – Omiš, Croatia 

  1. I have read that the regions around the Adriatic Sea was once forested. But, as you say, the wood was harvested to build cities, homes, provide heat, and open up areas for agriculture. The water and land do make for beautiful scenery, nonetheless.


    1. Actually, this land and mountains that I’m talking about can’t be harvested for agriculture and to build anything because no one wants to live on pure stone. What would you plant in pure stone? People if the area are not stupid in their saying and it’s proven that Venice is standing on our wood from Velebit. Since Croatia has been raped by many nations trampling over us I definitely believe it. No one would take down the whole wood area and leave only pure stone if you are planing to live there. No one.


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