First day of Spring 

Hello my dear friends!

It has been a while since I was here. Writing and taking photos for this little blog. Lately I’m trying to prepare mentally for this summer season in Croatia and all over Balkan. I’m already gonna do some traveling next month! Yeah yeah, I know traveling is great and I like it but still it takes a toll on my health every time. Traveling for work is really something else. Stress and eating do not go together in my case. I’m trying to work on my extremely nervous nerves. 😝 Do you know any techniques? 

I try to do my best at writing my travel blogs this year! Not only pictures but writing about stuff, good and bad. 

Bare with me!! 😊  

Here is some tree blossoms in capital city of Croatia – Zagreb



7 thoughts on “First day of Spring 

  1. Hi there > I love your photos and your blog. I suffer from anxiety big time. If I cant sleep I take one 400mg ibuprofen half an hour before bed. It destroys the adrenaline your body produces when its in panic mode. I only use them for high anxiety states though. Only for emergencies. It really works btw.

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    1. Thank you! I know about the drugs but I don’t even take pills for headache 😄 I would maybe take some pills made of plants, maybe 😝 I am so new to experiencing anxiety I really need to find something natural.

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      1. Sorry not to be more helpful. Its a tough one for sure. I moved to China and feel a lot more relaxed here but still get the occasional mad rush of anxiety. I tried meditation and a lot of quiet music. The best thing really is an hour or so of serious exercise. In South Korea I did taekwondo which really did the trick. Most people say a good workout really helps.

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      2. That’s great! Yes definitely, workout helps but when you are traveling the whole summer there is no time for gym. It’s not so easy in Croatia.
        I love Asia. The energy is different and mentality is refreshing.

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      3. Yes there’s not much pressure here > Sorry I cant be more helpful Greta but drop by anytime if things are getting on top of you. I’ve had anxiety problems since I was 7 or 8 or something!

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