Wondering in Trogir, Croatia 

Trogir is a very sweet little Mediterranean town. So small but packed with history. Gorgeous small streets and one big and main and main one in front of the church.

I’ll part it in two posts because I’m all about the picture and the atmosphere! 😄

Outside of the Trogir. Wanna get to the centar? Follow that church! I just had to share this photo. As you park the car just  take a sweet walk to the centar. It’s not far. Of course you can park in the centar for a million dollars a hour (just kidding but not really) 😂

 I love the different blue colours just spread on the sea. Of course you can take a dip here. It can be a beach as well.

Main square just looking to this little church built as a thank you, for  keeping the plaque out of the Trogir. There is an art gallery there now as well on the side of it.

 There is no one sitting in the caffe outside because it was 45 Celsius! Hot hot summer in Croatia.

Thank you for the visit! Follow because more is coming. 😄


Streets of Split, Croatia

Narrow but filled with history and beauty. Lovely flowers on house windows are braking the stone consistency. 

I love looking at the sky when I walk through there streets, such a contrast of colors comparing with stone. When it rains of it rained you should probably look ahead not the sky or up because the stone on this streets is crazy slippery even when it’s dry! 🙂

Split, Croatia, street, sky, clouds,
walking, walking, walking, …

Church of ST. Donatus, Zadar, Croatia

A stunning sight as you walk around center of beautiful Zadar.   Its name refers to Donatus of Zadar, who began construction on this church in the 9th century and ended it on the northeastern part of the Roman forum. Church of St. Donatus is the largest Pre-romanesque building in Croatia. Originally named the church of the Holy Trinity in the 15th century it was renamed the Church of St. Donatus. Definitely a sight to see, inside and outside. I just love it.

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Roman forum in front of St. Donat, Zadar

Roman, Zadar, ruins, travel, stone, Croatia
Roman, Zadar, ruins, travel, stone, Croatia
In second half of 1. century Romans occupied this place and built a city in their standard – decumanus and cardo – style.

Reading the history of this Roman forum and looking at the ruins that are still here, is amazing just to think what was going on and what they witnessed all this hundreds of years. It’s never just a peace of stone as it’s peace of amazing history.